Monday, June 5, 2017

May 30, 2017: Email for Mom

T. and D. are both still making awesome progress. We also met a referral, B., that some guys from summer sales here found. He’s been out of church for quite a while and has been continuously searching for a church he feels is true. When he found our pest control people, he was really impressed with their knowledge and ability to answer questions and agreed to taking the lessons. He showed up to church just this last Sunday!

We also had a pretty eventful exchange last Tuesday with Elder S. and me. We found a ton of potentials throughout the day. At some point, we got lost on the way to a less-active and knocked to ask for directions. As it turned out, it was a former investigator from three years ago who used to actively attend and held scouting callings! She took a break after her divorce, but recently had been thinking about us and wondering if there were even missionaries still in the area. She’s a new investigator now! Then later that exchange, we were driving to an appointment and we had made it through and a good distance past an intersection when the people up ahead stopped to turn left, so we stopped. The guy behind us wasn’t paying attention and rear-ended our car. Nobody was hurt and we reported everything to the mission office.

We’re also “teaching” another guy named J. He had a solid marriage with his wife and a few kids, but for some reason things went south and now he’s in a relationship with a guy. He’s still open to hearing us out, but he wants to read the entire Book of Mormon before we come back. He confidently stated, “Two weeks, that's all it’ll take.” So maybe prayers for him would be good. Luckily, he’s pretty morally conservative in all other aspects.

Thanks for the encouragement and the update! Beginning of summer activities were always the best. 

Love you, Mom!