Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017: Emails for Mom and Dad

Email for Mom

So this last Sunday we had six investigators come to church! I got to give a talk on priesthood experience in the home for kind of a Father's Day topic. (There may or may not have been tearing up.) And third hour, we got pie! It was an awesome last Sabbath in Broken Arrow.

So I'm being sent ... back to Duncan! I'll be companions with Elder D. It's exciting, but still a lot of nerves. I don't know if the apartments are the same, so I'll send you the address when I figure out.

I'll probably be out for B., T., and D. (and family)'s baptisms. They're coming quick, but not that quick.

We also found a guy from Brasilia, Brazil. He said he's seen missionaries around a lot, but never spoken with them. He was very friendly and offered to have us over for dinner.

It was a fairly normal week I'd have to say. Church was definitely the highlight. D. was camera shy, but she wanted a picture of us with her kids, so I've got one here.

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice

Email for Dad

HAPPY (day after) FATHER'S DAY!!

Besides all the money, it sounds like the cruise was great! Was that part of the Father's Day experience or did you guys get home before that? If the latter, what did you guys do?

I got to give a talk for Father’s Day and I have to say it was definitely an emotional meeting. Thanks for being such an awesome example to all of us. It was not hard to find material for the talk because of all the good influence you had on me.

Also, thought I'd mention we're teaching a guy from Brazil. I won't be able to teach him for long (I'm leaving for Duncan on Wednesday), but it reminded me of you.

Love you, Dad!
Elder Rice