Monday, June 19, 2017

June 12, 2017: Email for Mom

Wish you guys best of luck on your cruise!

I am having a blast out here! We had Elder Echo Hawk come to our mission for a mission tour and he gave some of the most spiritually amazing stories I've heard, and we got a ton of awesome trainings during the conference.

The day following, B. texted us asking, "When is the next available day for a baptismal service?" He's been one of the most honest searchers during this whole process. He even came and told us that he wanted to be rid of his energy drink and smoking addictions before we had even mentioned the Word of Wisdom. He decided himself that he would go to the ARP [Addiction Recovery Program] classes after hearing about them in sacrament meeting.

Also, we helped T. move into her apartment, so now she can come to church. But the really cool thing was that, even with her whole apartment not being put together, we saw that on her fridge she had magneted one thing: The Prince of Peace pass-along card we gave her when we first ran into her. Something as small as that could've easily made it to a trash can, especially during a move. Awesome!

Tell Lily thanks for me. That sounds like a rough job [watching the dog].

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice