Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15: Email for Mom

Well, I think we talked about most things yesterday [Mother's Day phone call], but here's my poem. I feel like it's not very refined at all, but I thought you might like it anyway.

     Who cared for wounds of body and soul
      and kept them both from getting worse
      when life began to take its toll?
      A doctor or nurse?

      No, that was Mom.

      Who shaped my future and raised my sight
      and inspired me to search for light?
      Who dictated to me the wrong and right?
      Was it Confucius or some holy knight?

      No, that was Mom.

      Who has my unending admiration,
      my thanks to continually own,
      has been forever an inspiration?
      Was it Lasseter, Jobs, or Jones?

      No that was Mom.

Well, hope that wasn't too corny.

So every day we've been doing morning sports and most of the time that means basketball (which I'm proud to say I'm getting better at), but just the other day we decided we were going to try more night-game type games. We did Capture the Flag at the skate park and that was actually really fun!

Thank you so much for all the care and effort you put into us. There's a lot of things we could be doing, but pretty soon your two oldest will have served missions (and later the other two), and there's a lot of other less worthy things we could do.

I love you, Mom!