Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017: Emails for Mom and Dad

Email for Mom

I got approved to come home in August in the mid transfer.

Oh, you know I didn't think about that calendar thing. That kind of stinks, but if he likes it I guess that works! [Parker sent home an Asian-themed calendar for Jacob, but it was for 2015.]

So, S.'s baptism had a last-minute delay. His grandma wants him to keep trying her church. I don't know how that's going to work because we hear she never goes. Anyway, he was really disappointed about it, but I'm sure things will turn around in a couple of weeks.

We have been pretty amazingly blessed this week. One of our investigators, D., went out and bought a few extra groceries for us! She and her family used to live in Utah and have family who are already Mormon. She wanted to make sure that her kids would get a chance to hear our message and they're really open and ready. I've got a good feeling they'll make it.

Also, we made Mongolian Beef and it was delicious. That lasted for a few days with how much we made. Thanks for teaching me, Mom!

Did you mention that Grandpa was going to be a dentist again? I feel like I remember you saying that a while back.

Love you, Mom! We're going to see R. this week and we'll see how everything is going down. Thank you for the prayers.

Elder Rice

Email for Dad

Thanks for the encouragement! We are definitely working hard here in Indian Springs, and you are right—for some reason my thoughts keep going that way. [Toward plans for coming home.] We were just in dinner yesterday and Sister W. was talking about eBay business being a really good side job in college and for the first time I really considered doing something like that. Elder S. and I are holding each other accountable and I really want to squeeze all I can out of this last little bit.

I bet Joshua will get to be a fantastic [home] teacher. Who's Nathan's companion, again?

[In regard to Jason's new job] What goes into publishing a genealogical record? How long is that whole process? How much faster would it be if you could make it “immediate”? That sounds like a pretty big deal. I'm not sure how the whole thing works, though.

Love you, Dad!
Elder Rice