Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April 3, 2017: Emails to Mom, Jacob, and Joshua

To Mom

So far so good. I'm getting along great with "Little Smith." He's super energetic and excited to be out here in Tulsa. We've been playing chess and doing a lot of basketball handling in the apartment with our extra time. He was also companions with a young man in the ward who is on a "mini mission" right now, and his family was super excited to meet him and has already given us a very promising referral.

Conference was amazing! Uchtdorf and Eyring had amazing talks every time they came up, and I really enjoyed Sabin's as well. His talk was pretty simple, but I definitely was inspired to go "all in."

I have to say the guilt vs. shame culture definitely made a lot of sense to me. I feel like a lot of times people confuse guilt and shame. Not so much here in Oklahoma, or at least not in the way that Elder Christofferson was describing. Sadly, it seems those struggling with faith or who have no faith are often also shamed for not being strong Christians. It's a two-way street, I guess. Anyway, the priesthood talks were fantastic and I have to say my favorite talk of all was President Eyring's talk on walking with the Savior.

I'm glad you all got to watch conference together! It seems like you get to see Uncle Jim's family all the time now!

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice

To Jacob

So I saw your gigantic barbarian axe you made! What was the inspiration behind making that? Just had some stuff lying around?

Well, me and my new companion are getting along pretty awesome. His name is Elder Smith and we do a lot of chess and basketball handling in the free time we've got. The other Elder Smith in the mission (the one that trained me) is also in my district. I think he might go home after this transfer, so it's pretty cool that I get to be here for it. It's pretty hilarious because he's a super country redneck guy and spent most of his time in the outskirts areas, and now he's been dropped in the city. He's a pretty funny guy too, so it's a good combo.

Love you, Jacob!
Elder Rice

To Joshua

Sweet! I'm super excited to see what you guys write! Nathan's super busy it seems like, so I'd bug him after he finishes the animation. Make sure to bug him, though. He's got to spend time with you guys before he leaves.

Just had our whole district get transformed! Only Elder M. and I stayed, and he got made the district leader. I have my trainer Elder Smith in my district now and a different Elder Smith as my companion. They're both pretty awesome, though. This last district meeting, we did a lot of role plays to practice our street and store contacting and Big Smith (my trainer) led off by walking up to our “random shopper” and saying "That bread looks SICK!" We all just laughed and the whole thing eventually had to restart because we were laughing too hard.

Love you, Joshua! Keep working hard.
Elder Rice