Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017: Email for Mom

I just got an email back from President Mansell to call him for that August date, so I'll let you know how that goes.

Got the flash drive package. Nathan talked his short film way down. I thought the solution to that film and the whole way it played out was pretty great, but I guess I don't need to tell you that. Thanks for sending the call video, too! That was awesome!

R. has been a member for a good while now and has had ups and downs each week, but this week he was really struggling with the Word of Wisdom, and his brother decided to visit. His brother used some verses from the Bible to try and disprove the Word of Wisdom. R. has heard this stuff before, but this time it’s more of a struggle because he kind of wants to relax. We explained it and answered his question, but it seems that right now he just needs to pray about this. Please pray for him!

The rest of this week was amazing! I feel like we're having huge blessings of meeting prepared people and planting good seeds. We were headed to a potential [investigator's] house when we ran into the autistic son of one of our less-active [members]. We walked him home and spotted a couple outside working on an old fridge. The guy (B.) was trying to be difficult at first and mess with us, but then his younger brother walks out and says they should listen to us. Turns out that his younger brother is a less-active in another ward and he still has a good testimony of the church. After his brother talked to him a little about what we do, he changed his whole tone and asked us for a Book of Mormon! We had run out and so we said we'd pick some up from the car and bring it back, and he was good with that.

Just a little down the road on the way to the car, we ran into a lady who was crying on her porch. Her son was an alcoholic and had run off just that day. She asked us to pray with her for him and she let us come back to follow up with her. There were two more houses like that where the people there were just having a bunk day that we helped out, and then made our way back to B. and B.

When we came back, they said they wanted us to show them how to study it alongside the Bible and invited us in. It looked like they cleaned up the place. We're going back for a second lesson tomorrow!

Thanks so much for your prayers, Mom. I remember that when these things happen, it’s answers to a lot of prayer.

Elder Rice