Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017: Email for Mom

Well, this week has had to have been one of the best on the mission. Got an amazing package from you guys—the comics were pretty hilarious; they're still sitting on my desk. We had super miracles proselyting and it seems like all the less-active [members] who were so hard to open up with are having a softer heart. Top it all off, Nathan got an exciting mission call [Mexico Tijuana mission]. Elder S. used to go down to the nice part (apparently, there is one) and dirt bike. He said if he had had his choice, it definitely would've been there.

A few days ago, Elder S. and I had the most miracle-filled day. It started off with our dinner cancelling. Yeah, not so good. Our investigator T. also needed to reschedule for the evening and we had to let our member [chaperone] know. He had the idea to have T. come and have dinner with his family and we immediately jumped on the chance. T. liked the idea and offered to bring a dessert. We made a lesson outline and got out to work.

At one point, all our plans fell through and we were about to just go tract for a little, when we got a random call from someone asking if we wanted some referrals. We went and met with the guy and it turns out he was a recent convert of four months. He had just recently traveled to Utah by himself to watch all the conference sessions live, and the branch in Guymon he was baptized into had something like 30 people, so we knew he had joined for all the right reasons. Super inspirational. He referred us to all his family and friends in Broken Arrow and plans on sending a few more our way. We got to the lesson with T. later and she and Sister R. got along amazing. The kids connected well, too, and the lesson went off without a hitch. T. said, "I really feel like this message came at just the perfect time in my life. I really need something like this."

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice