Wednesday, February 22, 2017

February 21, 2017: Emails to Mom & Dad

Email to Dad

OK, I usually have pretty good studies! On the harder mornings, I've got some gum to keep me awake and that works well. Elder M. is an awesome companion, too. He's definitely a diligent worker and is really easy to get along with and is generally pretty positive. None of our disagreements last more than a minute. It's been a fun transfer and a half!

That's crazy he knows you (sort of). Elder M. asked me your first name so that he could get in contact with you. I didn't think it would actually connect!

Well, I planned on grabbing those pictures from Elder M. and sending some, but I guess his dad beat me to it, so I'll just have to be sure to take my own pictures more often.

Love you, Dad!

Email to Mom

Yep, I'm really glad I got Elder M. with me out here. He's a good hard worker and wants his mission to be a changing experience. Super likable, too, so it’s been a fun transfer so far.

Whoa, it’s like we got an entirely different dog! Not as bad as I thought it would look. I was expecting him to look all pink and fleshy.

I'm trying to do a little more letter writing and I've already sent some sketches home, so that should help you guys get more stories from me. I feel like I forget a lot of stuff that happens during the week and I remember it a transfer later.

Speaking of polygamists, I heard that whoever the prophet was of the FLDS group in Mexico was jailed or put in prison or something. A few people we talked to thought that was us. It’s super common out here to hear [about] the multiple wives. Also, a weird thing, someone said they'd be more inclined to join our religion if we still practiced it. Kind of strange.

We helped a guy a week ago put up a basketball hoop up for his son (not the easy kind with the base that fills with water and folds down) and he was super grateful. He saw us a quite a few times since then while we were out on our bikes and he told us he felt like God was leading him to talk to us. We'll have to see where this goes.

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice