Tuesday, February 14, 2017

February 13, 2017: A collection of emails and pictures

Email for Mom

Sister M. will probably put some [pictures] up in a little while, I remember her taking a few there [at Main Event].

Wow. I think I understand the reactions some people had when I told them Grandma and Aunt Amy were in it [Tabernacle Choir] and that you're trying out. That's a pretty thorough examination!

NO INIGO!! I really hope you don't have to shave him. We did just randomly check out the "dog wash/car wash" place next to us and one of the settings they had at the dog wash was some sort of coconut wash used specifically to get out skunk smell. I don't know if you could find something like that somewhere, but that might be an option.

We had Elder D. come out with us last Monday and I can say that it seems like Oklahoma puts out some pretty good missionaries. He's doing a three-month trial mission (health-related challenge) and he was definitely on the ball in all of our lessons. I'd attribute it to lots of opportunities to go out with missionaries and the spiritual preparation put in by diligent scripture study.

Thanks so much for the package, Mom! The shoelaces also came just in time because I just tore a set this week. The comics were fantastic! I didn't see the picture from sacrament, though. It must've missed getting put in.

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice

Email from Dad


Your companion's dad just reached out to me. He knows someone that I work with. He sent us some really great photos. Try to stay awake in scripture study. You never know when someone is going to take a picture. :D

Mom said the pictures made her tear up. She misses you, as do we all.

Your companion tells his parents that you are a good companion and that you get along really well. Keep up the good work. I always knew you would be an excellent companion because you have always been an excellent brother (and son)!


Email from Companion's Parents

Hi Jason,

Our sons are missionary companions in Oklahoma City. We told our son in our email today that we went to RootsTech over the weekend. From that, he found out that you work at FamilySearch. So I reached out to our friend who also works there and he shared your email address with me. I have attached a few pictures from their mission adventures together. You may already have some or all of these pics, but just in case ...

Z. has really enjoyed working with Elder Rice. He said that your son is extremely knowledgeable in the gospel, kind, and easy to get along with. It seems like he always defers to Elder Rice with the more difficult gospel questions, so I’m so happy that Z. has him for a companion. I hope that Elder Rice is enjoying his time with Z.

Best wishes to you and your family! We pray for our sons every day!!

D. & M.