Wednesday, January 11, 2017

January 9, 2017: Email to Mom

[My college savings] is over $10,000! Wow, that's an awesome start! I'm definitely excited to just rock it and get a scholarship and job, of course. I feel like I'm way more prepared to do that than if I hadn't come out here. Not too excited for loans, but if that's necessary, I'll do that.

The Tulsa ward culture is way different from all the other areas I've been to. All the bishops give their missionaries a blessing before they commence their work in the area. The wards are SUPER missionary minded. We came in and there was a calendar set up for members assigned to go out with the missionaries every other day, all the way up into late February.

The area just feels like a different mission, too. There's a lot more nature, less crowded structures, and very little traffic. We don't hear much of what's going on west of Tulsa, either. Luckily for us, this area is similar to Edmond in a few ways. Quite a few of the elders that were in Edmond while I was there are serving in areas very close to mine and, like Edmond, our apartments are fairly close, there's all four of our wards that go to the same building, and there's quite a bit of money here. Not to worry, though. All of us have experience enough and the people here seem more open. We've already found two new investigators, one of which I'm confident will be baptized. R. has always been impressed by the Mormons in his life and was always curious about what we believed. He's had some health complications brought on by being next to an RPG explosion in the military and now he's trying to prepare himself for the next life. He's not sure how long he'll be around (2-30 years), but he's shown that this is something he really cares about. He read through one of our pamphlets multiple times and prayed to know if this is true.

Thanks for the email, Mom! I figured that things might be thrown off a little because of the holidays.

Love you!
Elder Rice