Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017: Email for Mom

Heh heh heh … definitely the kind of deep thoughts I'd imagine Inigo has.

I didn't know there was much of a process to choosing poetry for a book. I looked through some of the poetry books back home and remember that it didn't think there was much of a common thread in some of them. I think the only one was that Viking poetry thing.

I think I've heard a few times that you’re done with politics! Seems like it'll find you anywhere, though. Out here it's kind of funny because it can sometimes fly out of nowhere in the middle of a lesson from somebody and it throws everything off. People here are pretty passionate about whatever side they're on. I guess I'm done with politics, too, in that way.

This week has been "Jeep Week" for Elder M. and me. They're pretty popular here in Broken Arrow and Elder M. is pretty into them, as well. So we tracted all the houses with jeeps in the driveway. It's actually turned out pretty successful.

I'm hearing rumors they're changing the mission schedule. We'll figure that out on the 25th.

We've got this investigator family that's a little frustrating right now. She's a less active, he's a non-member, they have three kids, and are not married. Their 12-year-old daughter got baptized just before I came in and they're trying to get the two older ones and the guy baptized, as well. She just won't marry him! She did have an abusive relationship a while back, but she's been staying with this guy for 12 years! We think there must be some unresolved relationship problem between them and asked if they would see the bishop. They've agreed to it and seemed all for it, but it's been two weeks with intermittent follow up. We're trying to be sensitive to the situation, but it seems like they just don't want to fix things! I haven't given all the info, but honestly, they all could have been baptized three months ago. The oldest is getting baptized February 11, though! I'll have to tell you his story next time, because that's a cool one!

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice