Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 16, 2017: Email for Mom

So, the libraries are closed, but the Bishop was nice enough to lend us the clerk's office for emailing.

What I'm getting is that these books you're [reading] are actually not half bad and succeed in making readers cry? Because that would be worse to read if you could tell they were trying to, but failing to do it. I've noticed the young adult sections of libraries here are crammed with romance novels. Must be the way literature is headed. Scary.

Teaching R. has been amazing! It's pretty crazy, because we found him only a week ago and he's just taken off with it. He's reading the Book of Mormon in all his spare time, writing down all his questions. He'd already heard a bit about the Word of Wisdom a little from his friends and he's given up coffee and cigarettes! He's one of the sincerest investigators I've met.

Our ward mission leader has to be pretty inspired as well, because he scheduled certain members to come out with us months before we got here who had the most perfect connection with some of our investigators and especially the new ones we've found. One of our investigators turned out to have worked for our member's doctor. Another was originally going to teach at the Church's addiction recovery class (the class was canceled due to weather) and our investigator had been struggling with smoking for years and wanted to stop. One was a Primary teacher who absolutely loves children and he came with us to a less-active part-member home with crazy distracting kids.

Broken Arrow has been pretty amazing so far. Elder M. and I have been pushing really hard to keep things going here and we're seeing a lot of success from it. Mostly it’s been a lot of prayers.

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice