Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016: Email for Mom

So we picked up a bunch of investigators this week. D. and K. aren't in a church right now, but they are very open, as they're still trying to figure out what kind of Christian they are. D. studied in divinity [school], but has just ended up with a kind of non-denominational view. Matt and Emily are in a church right now, but Matt is very new to Christianity and wonders sometimes whether it's just man-made or not. One of his questions was about what happens to those that don't ever hear about Jesus Christ? The P. family doesn't have a church right now, as their last pastor died. They're all good readers and said they'd read the Book of Mormon.

As for T., she's slid back a little bit. She's not drinking coffee or tea, but smoking has come back hard as the holidays come close. She's also picked up a boyfriend, which could mean bad things if it follows the same track as most of Oklahoma. They're not living together at least.

We're thinking we might have to drop a few of our investigators, one of them being A. They love having us over, but there's just no will/desire to improve. Hopefully it changes, because it'd be really sad to have to leave some of them.

It would be awesome to have some homemade peanut butter bars for Christmas.

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice