Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 19, 2016: Emails for Mom

12:26 PM

Yes! Thanks for the packages! The peanut butter bars have been awesome and I even convince Elder J. to eat some, despite the diet.

That sounds like a WAY cool book! [Stone Manger] I hope it's still around when I get to it. Hope that helps you get into the Christmas spirit.

Just as a heads up, our p-day was moved to Saturday of THIS week. I don't know how that's going to affect everything for you, but I think we've found a place to FaceTime, so you'll get to use a big screen!

So, D. and K. told us they've determined that there's nothing in the Book of Mormon that contradicts the Bible, and D. is thinking that maybe the only reason that they've heard so much bad about it is because Satan is attacking it. HA HA! He's already said that he's more Mormon than Church of Christ!

D. and S. have been doing equally as well. We mentioned a little bit about what baptism was right as we were headed out the door and she said, "Hmm, being baptized would be nice." She came to church again this week too.

Well, that's about all I've got for this time.

Love you, Mom! Have a Merry Christmas!
Elder Rice

12:27 PM

Oh wait. I just realized that p-day being changed doesn't change our Facetime date. My bad.

12:33 PM

Also, one last cool thing. I think I already told you guys about this, but I'll tell it again.

If you remember L. R. (one of our investigators in Edmond), we got to teach him all the lessons and then he moved to Idaho. I just learned a week ago that he pretty much immediately got baptized when he got there!! He also moved again and is attending a ward in Louisiana and is very happy about it.

We'll probably FaceTime after 3 p.m., but if anything changes we'll let you know Saturday.