Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 12, 2016: Emails to Mom & Dad

Email for Mom

Thanks for sending those packages! Sorry I didn't get you much of a [Christmas] list. Nothing seemed to come to mind.

We had awesome success with the ward Christmas party on the 10th! We had our investigators S. and D. and their kids come and they liked it enough to come to church the next day. S. likes that it's not judgmental like all the other churches and the kids had a blast in Primary. D. is just interested in learning more. They said they'd come back next week!

The Primary did a Nativity play, and it was pretty awesome. All the less actives and investigators that came loved it, even with all the sheep milling about randomly and bumping into the shepherds and wise men.

Love you, Mom!

Email for Dad

Wow, I finally lost track of the months [left on mission], and now I have to re-forget. Great. :-p

I forgot where Grandma and Grandpa are moving to. Is it really going to be that far? Also, thanks for the Christmas tree! Actually, the Church News [used for packing] had a perfect segment for one of our investigators, so that was cool, too. Elder J. has been trying to eat healthy this last little while, so half of the advent calendar candy has ended up mine. He's pretty grateful anyway, though.

So did letter writing become more difficult for you later in your mission? It's kind of like I’ve hit a wall with it. I try to think of things to write, but nothing comes up.

With this Christmas initiative [Light the World], it's been a lot easier to focus on the real reason for the holiday. Last Christmas initiative was a lot less interactive.

That's probably the best white elephant trick I've heard! [Windows Vista manual packed in a MacBook Pro box.] I bet they almost believed there was something good in there!

Love you, Dad!
Elder Rice