Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 31, 2016: Emails for Mom and Dad

Email for Mom

Thanks so much for sending the package! It's at the mission office right now, though. The sister at the mission office said it got sent to Edmond. I'll probably get it November 1, because of MLC that day. Elder H. will grab it from someone at the meeting.

So today we don't do anything. Preparation for the day is done, and we're not supposed to proselyte on Halloween evenings. It does make things a little easier, but with MLC the next day, that's a little too much time this area doesn't get worked.

So T. has been taking the Word of Wisdom lesson really well! She's really working on stopping smoking, tea, and coffee. We're working hard to keep her cutting it down. Adam has brought his smoking down to half a pack.

So there are challenges in every area, but each has one big one. The big one for Duncan is coming to church. It seems like no matter how sincere they are, no matter how proactive they are, even if they promised Saturday, we wait outside and no one comes. It seems like we need to find better matches for fellowshipping.

There's also five big hornets in this really small library computer room hovering around the side I'm on. That's a challenge, too.

That's so crazy that K. is home! I'll admit, I still dread the homecoming talk. Now he can share all the crazy stories that you can't share in an email!

Love you, Mom! Have a fun Halloween!

Email for Dad

Thanks for the preachiness. I'd be worried if you didn't send me something like this every once and a while! Sorry I haven't gotten to a specific email for you in a while. You and Mom usually send the best emails of the week, so thank you.

What was the best thing that helped you with reactivation? We're having a hard time with that here in Duncan. People get all psyched up to come to church and then they don't do it. (Seems like a trend among all groups here.)

Well, everyone is headed out and the hornets nested in the room are getting squirrely. I love you, Dad. Thanks for caring enough to be preachy.

Elder Rice