Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October 24, 2016: Emails to Mom & Nathan

How did Nathan get his hand cut?! Was he trying to stop the blade or something? Those were some gnarly looking pictures. I'm glad they were small photos. (Nathan sent me the super detailed ones, though.)

I haven't opened the package yet (actually I don't know if I have it yet), but thanks, Mom! I love you!

So A. is now making some really good progress. He's been cutting down his smoking and now we're cutting down from a pack a day slowly until his wedding day. By then, he'll be ready. He's really itching to join the Church, actually. He's been really awesome in coming every week. He's even got his dad watching the BYUtv channel, and everyone in his house cut down from an average of five packs [cumulatively] to only one a day!

T. has had crazy amounts of work lately (working at Walmart), but she's reading and praying. Her schedule this next week though is pretty free and clear!

This week we had two families come and ask us to help them teach their kids. J. and N. and M. and B. all have kind of fallen away from churches, not thinking they were necessary. But recently they've found out that their kids don't really know who God or Jesus is. As we've been teaching them, they've become REALLY interested in the Church. The best kind of miracles!

I've seen how true that quote is out here. It seems like the more relaxed and distanced a person is from religion, the worse their life is and the more bitter they become. There are rare exceptions, but for the most part ...

We have an STM today, so I'll have to be short.

Love you, Mom!

To: Nathan Rice
Subject: OUCH

Well, I hope you know not to do that again. I don't have a ton of time to email, but I just wanted to say that I love you, your finger looks gross, and I hope you're ACT went well. Maybe you gain ambidexterity by the time it's all over!

I don't know what pain pills you're on, but please be VERY careful. I've met a pretty good number of people with lives destroyed by prescription pill addiction.

Yessss! Use the Sympathy, Nathan! Hope you feel better. When I heard you cut your finger nearly off I freaked out. Next time don't touch the sharp dangerous pointy end of the power tool, please. I really like your Mr. Fox drawing, too, by the way.

Elder Rice

Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016: Email for Mom

It sounds like you had the perfect Primary program! Ours was good, but there was still a little unruliness.

Probably the only thing more I’d want [for my birthday] is a bunch of pictures drawn by everyone.

So T. and A. still honestly want baptism, but it seems like work, sickness, and whatever else becomes more difficult to overcome the further we go. I'm sure they'll get there some time, but I'm really pushing for soon rather than three years from now.

I guess the best thing is that one of our less-actives we visited who wasn't at all interested in coming back went out to Utah and came back wanting to become active and have his wife baptized a member! Not sure what changed yet.

Elder Rice

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016: Email for Mom

Well, I'm wearing a 32/34 [pant] right now and that's pretty comfortable. I think homemade cookies and zucchini bread might be pretty good, thanks!

We actually just had our Primary program a couple of weeks ago! Everyone did amazing for how young they were and the investigators loved it!

We knocked around a little last night, but everyone was watching the debate. Considering how much people hate it, you'd think they'd rather talk to missionaries! It's not quite that bad I guess. That's an exaggeration, though. We found a good solid few people who wanted us to come back.

When the Hipster Llama becomes a shirt, send me one!

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice

HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Wednesday! Here's some photos:

I got to confirm the guy with the beard.

Elder R.'s birthday!

October 3, 2016: Email for Mom

Okay, first thing: I don't know if you could, but I heard something about monkey bread and thought, "Mmm, that would be good on my birthday!" Also, another set of slacks would be nice. Navy blue.

So I can't remember which session it was, but I think that there was a very inspired talk in there for you on the subject of happiness. I don't know how well it relates when you've got the seasonal depression tossed into it.

Well, I'm glad to hear that mostly all is well. I'm running out of time and I'm in a guest login. I'll try to find a way to continue emailing, but for now this might be the last one. I have been asked by the mission president to make the email to him priority.

Love you guys!
Elder Rice

Email for Mom Continued

OK, got a little more time.

What is county commission? Man, it seems crazy how much further along in life they [the C.s] all are. I still remember everyone like they were eight years ago (even though I've visited since then). So what's A. looking at becoming?

Things have gotten really busy in T.'s life as of recent and, when we visit, it’s only for a couple of minutes. We're taking Sister M. out with us to this next one so I hope we can have this go through.

I love you Mom and hope you're happy through the winter months.

Elder Rice

P.S. I have been using anti-cavity mouthwash every morning and night and I've been flossing more than I ever have (and brushing consistently). I don't know what it is, but I've got some fear about getting a cavity on the mission.