Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016: Eh ...

I spent a little time emailing some people who complained that I hadn't sent them an email in a while and now I'm running out of time. I'll try to jam in as much as possible. Really sorry about that. I did get some envelopes and stamps, though, so I'll send letters.

We've been trying this thing called “lightning visits,” which are two-minute visits with members to share a miracle and help get them excited for mission work. Got a cool miracle from that! We had set aside some time for finding and were in the middle of it when we realized we were pretty close to a member's house. We started heading that direction to try out the lightning visit technique, but on the way we didn't have any miracle stand out to us from that day. (It was still pretty early.) We kept walking towards their house and just a little down the street, someone yelled at us to come over. It was an older man and he said he didn't have much time, but he mentioned to us that every Mormon he's met (mostly in the Navy) were the most "serene" and upright people he'd met. He saw some missionaries about a week ago and committed that next time he saw one he'd ask for the Book of Mormon. He said he didn't really want any of the lessons, but we still managed to work in a two-minute restoration lesson, anyway. We left our numbers with him and ran off to tell the member about it. Two referrals in the works right now.

I've been checking out this book Elder H. has called the Book of Missionary Answers (or something like that). [The Missionary’s Little Book of Answers, by Gilbert Scharffs] I didn't go in too deep, but I'd highly recommend it. It's pretty solid.

Love you guys! Really sorry again!
Elder Rice