Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016: Duncan

Tracted into three new investigator families. So far so good.

So it turns out I'm in a four-man district. I'm in Duncan North. It's me, Elder H. (MTC companion), Elder B. (in my MTC district), and Elder R. (Elder B.'s trainee). It's a pretty fun group so far, even though it feels a little cut off out here in the boonies.

So. Elder H. and I went to visit someone we met a while ago who seemed really interested in learning more. She said we could come over anytime, so we came back later. When we got there, the garage was partially opened and we saw some people in there. When we knocked on the front door, they ran into the house. There was a different girl who answered. We just guessed it was her sister. She said they were all devil worshippers and weren't interested. We wished her a good day and left and didn't return for a good long while.

Later, we found some investigators across the street who are pretty interested in talking all sorts of religion with people. When we mentioned the whole thing across the street, they decided to go and talk to them (without us knowing) and see if they would reconsider listening to us. Turns out they actually still wanted us over and the girl we were talking to wasn't her sister. She was robbing her house. Yep. Kinda crazy.

Thanks for the recipes! I'll have to start trying them out.

And yes I have been playing the piano. I don't get to a keyboard all that often, but yeah.

I haven't received any from Joshua until this week. Also, if he sent me any of the previous emails again, they're not showing up.

Love you guys!
Elder Rice