Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016: Transfer Day

Well, Elder B. and I are out! They're "shot gunning" the area with sisters. This transfer has been crazy for everyone. Seems like everything's switched.
  • Elders can now serve in campus areas like OU and UCO.
  • The AP area is in OU.
  • One of our current APs is a normal missionary and it's not even near the end of his mission.
  • We won't be having two zone leaders per zone. It’s just one "Zone Lord."
  • Everyone will have a chance to serve in a leadership position.
Maybe that all doesn't seem weird to anyone else, but for us it seems like a big change. Anyway, I'm going to Duncan, OK to serve with Elder H. I'm pretty sure that’s the same Elder H. that was my MTC comp. I hear good things about Duncan, too, though it might be about another ward in Duncan.

I'm going to miss Edmond, too. I feel like there's been a lot of progress here, but it also seems to have a ways to go. I think the sisters will do well with this ward.

I'll let you know my new address next Monday!

Elder Rice

P.S. Can I get the recipe for Butter Beer? And maybe a few easy, quick recipes?

For Mom
Agh! B. looks so OLD! Dad told me about his ride on the Cannibal. That's pretty hilarious.

So we've been spotting MASSIVE hornet-wasp-things all over the place. They're mostly black with yellow spots on them, and they're each the size of my (or Dad's) thumb in width and length. No exaggeration at all. Heard anything about them?

The weather here's been strangely good. It’s been in the 90s most of the week, so we're happy. Apparently we're going to have a "good ol’ fashioned" winter here, too, with lots of snow this time.

Our ward mission leader told us of the amazing "Tigernado" Oklahoma had a few years back. Kind of funny actually. I've been trying to find a thrift store Tigernado shirt for a while now. I guess a few years back there was a tornado that went over the zoo and let a bunch of animals loose, including a few tigers. They were spotted later on the highway. No animals died.

Elder Rice