Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 1, 2016: Solo Missionary

Email for family:

Yesterday we had the "traveling AP," [assistant to the president] Elder V., spend the day with us. He's been visiting different companionships a day at a time to help the president get to know the missionaries better. Pretty fun! We didn't get A. to church again, though. He's got a seriously busy schedule, but I think it should be clearer this next week. His wife has opened up to us as well, so I think if we can get her on board as well, there won't be so much struggle.

It seems like most of the people we've been talking to here in Edmond don't want to acknowledge that there is a truth about God and that it's not subjective. If you have some good scriptures on definite truth, please send them my way.

Also, I went on an exchange with our zone leader, Elder B., to his area in OKC. It was a weird day. We were talking to someone on the street and, right after, the notorious "C. the Basher" rolled in. We were talking to her (as she tried to get us to join NORTHchurch), when someone else drove up to us who was apparently a friend of Elder Rasband's grandson. He tried to convince one of us while C. went for the other. We kindly (in a non-bashing sort of way) turned them away. Soon after someone else tried it. This has apparently been happening to Elder B. for about a week. He goes home this next week to Pleasant Grove.

Well, it looks like San Francisco and Oregon were amazing! We don't really have scenery in Oklahoma, but we have awesome people and that makes up for it.

Love you guys! Hope you had fun and have a fun rest of the summer!

Elder Rice

Email for Mom:

Thanks for the photos, Mom! I was wondering if you could send me the recipe for Mongolian Beef. I can't remember exactly how it’s done.

Also, I learned a lot from Elder B. about keeping your cool when someone is trying to aggravate you to Bible bashing. There's never really a reason to start one. We were actually able to turn the situation more in our favor, as we're getting C. to come to church next week. Hopefully she's not too contentious.

Love you, Mom!