Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016: Duncan

Tracted into three new investigator families. So far so good.

So it turns out I'm in a four-man district. I'm in Duncan North. It's me, Elder H. (MTC companion), Elder B. (in my MTC district), and Elder R. (Elder B.'s trainee). It's a pretty fun group so far, even though it feels a little cut off out here in the boonies.

So. Elder H. and I went to visit someone we met a while ago who seemed really interested in learning more. She said we could come over anytime, so we came back later. When we got there, the garage was partially opened and we saw some people in there. When we knocked on the front door, they ran into the house. There was a different girl who answered. We just guessed it was her sister. She said they were all devil worshippers and weren't interested. We wished her a good day and left and didn't return for a good long while.

Later, we found some investigators across the street who are pretty interested in talking all sorts of religion with people. When we mentioned the whole thing across the street, they decided to go and talk to them (without us knowing) and see if they would reconsider listening to us. Turns out they actually still wanted us over and the girl we were talking to wasn't her sister. She was robbing her house. Yep. Kinda crazy.

Thanks for the recipes! I'll have to start trying them out.

And yes I have been playing the piano. I don't get to a keyboard all that often, but yeah.

I haven't received any from Joshua until this week. Also, if he sent me any of the previous emails again, they're not showing up.

Love you guys!
Elder Rice

Monday, August 22, 2016

August 22, 2016: Transfer Day

Well, Elder B. and I are out! They're "shot gunning" the area with sisters. This transfer has been crazy for everyone. Seems like everything's switched.
  • Elders can now serve in campus areas like OU and UCO.
  • The AP area is in OU.
  • One of our current APs is a normal missionary and it's not even near the end of his mission.
  • We won't be having two zone leaders per zone. It’s just one "Zone Lord."
  • Everyone will have a chance to serve in a leadership position.
Maybe that all doesn't seem weird to anyone else, but for us it seems like a big change. Anyway, I'm going to Duncan, OK to serve with Elder H. I'm pretty sure that’s the same Elder H. that was my MTC comp. I hear good things about Duncan, too, though it might be about another ward in Duncan.

I'm going to miss Edmond, too. I feel like there's been a lot of progress here, but it also seems to have a ways to go. I think the sisters will do well with this ward.

I'll let you know my new address next Monday!

Elder Rice

P.S. Can I get the recipe for Butter Beer? And maybe a few easy, quick recipes?

For Mom
Agh! B. looks so OLD! Dad told me about his ride on the Cannibal. That's pretty hilarious.

So we've been spotting MASSIVE hornet-wasp-things all over the place. They're mostly black with yellow spots on them, and they're each the size of my (or Dad's) thumb in width and length. No exaggeration at all. Heard anything about them?

The weather here's been strangely good. It’s been in the 90s most of the week, so we're happy. Apparently we're going to have a "good ol’ fashioned" winter here, too, with lots of snow this time.

Our ward mission leader told us of the amazing "Tigernado" Oklahoma had a few years back. Kind of funny actually. I've been trying to find a thrift store Tigernado shirt for a while now. I guess a few years back there was a tornado that went over the zoo and let a bunch of animals loose, including a few tigers. They were spotted later on the highway. No animals died.

Elder Rice

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 1, 2016: Solo Missionary

Email for family:

Yesterday we had the "traveling AP," [assistant to the president] Elder V., spend the day with us. He's been visiting different companionships a day at a time to help the president get to know the missionaries better. Pretty fun! We didn't get A. to church again, though. He's got a seriously busy schedule, but I think it should be clearer this next week. His wife has opened up to us as well, so I think if we can get her on board as well, there won't be so much struggle.

It seems like most of the people we've been talking to here in Edmond don't want to acknowledge that there is a truth about God and that it's not subjective. If you have some good scriptures on definite truth, please send them my way.

Also, I went on an exchange with our zone leader, Elder B., to his area in OKC. It was a weird day. We were talking to someone on the street and, right after, the notorious "C. the Basher" rolled in. We were talking to her (as she tried to get us to join NORTHchurch), when someone else drove up to us who was apparently a friend of Elder Rasband's grandson. He tried to convince one of us while C. went for the other. We kindly (in a non-bashing sort of way) turned them away. Soon after someone else tried it. This has apparently been happening to Elder B. for about a week. He goes home this next week to Pleasant Grove.

Well, it looks like San Francisco and Oregon were amazing! We don't really have scenery in Oklahoma, but we have awesome people and that makes up for it.

Love you guys! Hope you had fun and have a fun rest of the summer!

Elder Rice

Email for Mom:

Thanks for the photos, Mom! I was wondering if you could send me the recipe for Mongolian Beef. I can't remember exactly how it’s done.

Also, I learned a lot from Elder B. about keeping your cool when someone is trying to aggravate you to Bible bashing. There's never really a reason to start one. We were actually able to turn the situation more in our favor, as we're getting C. to come to church next week. Hopefully she's not too contentious.

Love you, Mom!

July 25, 2016: Miracles

This all started a little after lunch with J. and T.

We kept from being robo-missionaries, talked with as many as possible, and found some awesome potentials. We dropped by an investigators house (E.) and, as it turned out, his mother was locked out due to a broken door handle and he was out of town. We grabbed our other investigator, A., and asked if he could help us out with it. She was very grateful and actually gained an interest in learning. A. offered her a ride on Sunday and it looks like they're both coming. We then met with A. and challenged him to pray. He hasn't believed in God since he was 17 and last prayed at 14. He said afterward he felt a "glow" and said he'd keep praying. C. (another investigator) has had a super busy schedule and is only able to meet with us for short stints. She did let us know, though, that she's been reading the Book of Mormon in small pieces and, as it turns out, a couple of the guys working on her house are returned missionaries and spent some time talking to her and encouraging her in reading and praying. Biking home at 8:40 p.m., we met M. out mowing his lawn. He was married to a Mormon for 20 years and had met with the missionaries. He invited us back at a better (earlier) time.

Yep, we were pretty happy.

It was pretty awesome to have J. out and finally meet T. They're definitely a good pair and I hope he'll be able to come out to Utah and meet you guys sometime, though I imagine that might be difficult with school and construction. Also, Pokémon got them, too. I guess I also realized that I need a few more photos sent home, so I got a few. I imagine J. could tell you better about T., but from what I got, he's got a good sense of humor and a fair amount of sarcasm. Pretty cool all around.


Temple day

Top Golf earlier today