Friday, July 8, 2016

July 5, 2016: General Email

So we've got three brand new investigators! And pretty good ones, too!

Z. we found after trying Edmond 2nd's referral over and over again. He lives right next door and has been looking to get back into church, but didn't know which one he wanted to try and where to start. We just caught him outside as he was off to work.

S. we've mentioned before. She's agreed to come to church and wants to take the missionary lessons. Her husband is less active, but is looking currently for a job that has Sundays off. (He works for TSA.) They're both super nice and know they'll be happier in the church. Pray for them please!

Andy we ran into X. because Z. had some beef with him and thought it would be kind of funny if we went over and knocked. We tried it out. He basically let us just go on and talk about the Church as he worked a little on his house. He said he's been out of religion (and just plain belief in God) for quite some time, and actually really wants to get back into it with his family. He said that he was thinking if he ever came back, it'd either be with the Jews or the Mormons. He'll have a few challenges, but he says he really thinks this might be what he's looking for. He's way cool and is friends with pretty much everyone on the street. He's just too good to not get baptized! Definitely pray that we can help things work. He should be coming to church this next Sunday.

Well, we didn't get to see the 4th of July because curfew wouldn't allow it, but we definitely heard it! Oklahoma apparently does Independence Day really big! Hope the Rice family firework show was fun!

Also, we've had three random members from other wards come up and offer us ice cream, water, dinner, and Gatorade. It seems like there have been quite a few tender mercies thrown our way.

I'll ask what kinds of things our Primary president does for reverence. Our ward is really young here, so I'm sure there's been a lot of different tactics.

Love you guys! Be safe!
Elder Rice