Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016: Email for Mom

Oh! I remember now! That stuff [Dole Whip] was really good!

Thanks for making sure someone got in contact with me. I think we set everything up now. We had something like five calls about that one day :P

Yeah, nearly hit a few Pokémon Go players. Not really, but they probably should keep their eyes up when crossing the street.

M.'s doing great. He's getting closer and closer. It seems he's tied to the Church on a spiritual level and is using his intellect to continue to sit on the fence. I guess the emotional attachment just isn't there yet. Anyway, He's got quite a few friends now and seems to be more and more inclined to switch. It'll still take some time. I wish we could just find out the clear root of his concern, but it seems sometimes like it's just stubbornness.

It's weird that that old house [Amy’s house] won't be in the family anymore. Seems like it’s been around for forever.

So A. didn't come to church, but we figured out why. He's finishing his house by himself and can't get any reliable help, and has to move out of his apartment before his lease is up in two weeks. He's still wanting to come to church and he jumped on the opportunity of our offer to help him move in. He's definitely felt the spirit. I think he'll join.

Elder Rice 😬