Wednesday, July 13, 2016

July 11, 2016: Email for Mom

So the new mission president created a new mission [Facebook] page alongside the main one which will have more pictures and is specifically for the three years they will be there. It's basically the same name as the old page, but has "Mansell" after it.

The new mission president has a real fire about the work. He wants to come out to a lot of lessons and join us in some P-days. He's really pushing for growth. He also had some really cool experiences in being called, meeting with Elders Holland, Oaks, Bednar, and another one (I forgot who).

So Nathan was talking about Dole Whip, too. Is that just a thing now?

Well, all the other elders are herding us out, so I'll try to finish quick. Thanks for supporting me, I don't imagine that this area has seen its end of struggles yet.

If you remember M., the Catholic-almost-Mormon, we're really starting to learn how to help him and figure out why he's been straddling the fence. Pray for us in that. He's been at this for two years.

Elder Rice