Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6, 2016: New Transfer

So right now I'm what they call in this mission a "breaker." Elder B. has just come out of being trained by Elder H. in the Norman Spanish ward and I'm supposed to help cut any of the bad habits. Doesn't seem like there's any, so I guess its just working on OYM (open your mouth). He's from Florida and came out because of a promise made to Elder Richard G. Scott and a great personal conversion to Christ and the power of the Atonement. He also likes to talk like Yoda. We're working on exact obedience so that Edmond can be a strong missionary area again, and more importantly, to "baptize converts" (finding those that will have lasting conversion).

We were able to find quite a few people just yesterday while tracting around a previous potential's house. J. had a friend who had converted to the LDS church about 20 years ago and talked to him a ton about temples, eternal families, and other things to do with our church. He passed away just a little while ago, and now J. wants to know what it was that made him so happy.

We also were fortunate to find a gigantic brown recluse spider under Elder A.'s jacket. Fortunate in that we spotted it before it got someplace. It was a little bigger than a half dollar coin. It scurried toward us pretty fast, but I smooshed it. Day saved. Needless to say, we're spraying down the apartment.

Congrats to R. and D. [Primary baptisms]! Best decision of your life!

Also I don't know if you've seen K.'s emails, but you should read this week's. Definitely a fantastic missionary.

I hope everyone is feeling better now that summer has started. Use it wisely.

Elder Rice