Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June 13, 2016: Opportunidad

So I mentioned last time that Elder B. was a Spanish missionary. That means we have language study, which means I'm trying to learn Spanish. Awesome so far, though I need to test myself more to see if I could actually speak any of it to someone.

We squashed the spider before it could get our toes, and the spider was much less impressive looking after being squashed. Maybe Elder A. got a photo. I'll see.

I'm pretty sure I have J.'s email. As for her coming down, I'd have to ask and that might leave a week to wait. I'll see what the ruling is.

This week was a little weird, but definitely good. We had a big long conversation with two guys, C. and J., who were pretty cool. C. liked to talk a lot and was very interested in what we believe, not so much for conversion, but for simple curiosity. Though he's Baptist, we seemed to have convinced him of the existence of the "spirit world," but he's not all the way there yet. He's probably headed back to Texas. J. is very quiet (at least in comparison) and actually had us over for dinner that same night. We shared a short message with him, C., and a few of their friends (one looked like a rep from Life.Church). That was kind of interesting because at first C. talked a lot on religion before we started and I had already pulled up Mosiah 2. Funny thing was that he went on and talked about pretty much everything in the section I was going to use. When I read out the scripture, they were super focused and a little surprised by the end. J. invited us to come back anytime. Hopefully it turns out.

I got late to emails today (sorry about that) and for some reason there's been a ton of STMs [specialized training meetings] out here in Edmond. Its' awesome because of all that goes on in it and I always feel great after, but it makes p-day hard and it's only on p-days that STMs can happen. So I hope I'll find time to email next week a little more.

Love you guys!
Elder Rice