Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016: Mother's Day Update

Well, we found a place to Skype from. Sister R. (the one we're related to) is letting us Skype at her house. Did I mention she found out we're also related to the H. family in the ward? and it looks like we might be connected to the G.s as well. As for the time, we'll get that today. I'll let you know this time.

Yeah, I thought the break wasn't that bad, and maybe it wasn't and the orthopedic just didn't want to risk it. Anyway, he's allowing me to walk on it now so I can spend more time on the street and less in the car.

The idea for the cactus was to just be that one elder apartment that has a cactus that you have to take care of. "If you can't take care of a cactus, then how will the Lord trust you with investigators?" (Elder A.)

So the first storm of tornado season passed through. Seems like there's been a lot of hype recently for tornados, and then they don't end up happening or the storm is less than they thought. We only had a few small tornados out here, none very close to us at all. It rained a crazy ton though. Norman got hit with two-inch hail. So far, no problems.

It's actually kind of funny. The Oklahomans who are transplants get worried about all the storms and are glued to the TV, and the native born just walk out of their trailer home with drink in hand and sit in their lawn chair to watch the storm. "Bring it on!"

That's only a slight exaggeration. It seems that no one goes to shelter until the tornado is literally on their street. Crazy!

Thank you for the video. I don't think I entirely fit the description, I remember plenty of instances that exempt me, but I'm glad I helped somehow.

Well, I learned the importance of persistence this week. We visited a potential investigator for the fourth time and finally made it in the door. He has a few Mormon friends he's been talking with and has committed to reading the Book of Mormon and praying.

L. and his daughter came to church again this week. It was a little weird though. The first testimony given was by a less active business man who used it as a platform for his "Extreme Word of Wisdom" book and quoted Jerry Springer.

More guys from the elder's quorum are planning splits for home teaching, so we're pretty happy.

We've got zone p-day pretty soon here and I'm going to have to get going, so sorry this was less personalized. Also, I do want to try that fortune cookie idea I mentioned a while back.

Nathan: Thanks for the pin and title and especially the comments.

Joshua: Good, don't be dramatic. Yes, you should still be the game maker. I'll try to remember the story for you.

Jacob: I still don't get the soup thing, but thanks for giving inigo a turn. Be nice to that farmer.

Love you guys. Read the King Benjamin address this week.

Elder Rice


Nathan presenting his Eagle mentor pin