Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 9, 2016: Hello ... Again

I don't know what to write about. I did remember a cool/crazy story when we were out tracting though. I think I told this to one of the brothers though. I'm not sure who.

So we were street contacting and found a guy out on his porch smoking (as is not uncommon out here) and we came over and started talking to him. He seemed fairly normal for the most part, and he talked a little about his time in the military. We started to steer the conversation towards the gospel, and he seemed to agree with every point we talked about. However, he seemed to throw in little things here and there that were strange, like seeing ghosts. We decided to just keep going along, because who knows? Then he started to tell us about how he can see angels standing on top of the stars at night shooting golden gospel arrows at people, and he described a battle he had with the neighbors who were trying to kill a little blue angel. The Holy Trinity came to his aid and they ran off the neighbors.

I would've thought he was joking or trying to run us off, but I could tell from the seriousness of his tone that he wasn't. He was a nice enough guy anyway, though, so we left him with our testimonies and a Book of Mormon (which he said he'd read) and went on our way.

Sister R. is housing a lady who is going to school here in Oklahoma. Apparently, not only has she read the Book of Mormon, but she's been working up the courage to come to church. We were just excited that we could teach her. (Most college kids are in the UCO sisters' age range for teaching. We've had to hand over a lot of investigators after finding out their ages.)

Heheheh. So I brought my camera and I remembered to bring a cord, but I brought the cord to the wrong camera. I'll see if anyone else here has something that I could use to send them.

Also, I wasn't at all homesick up until the call last Christmas! Even then, I normalled out pretty quickly after. You just have to think about all the blessings you have from being out here (which are not a few) and then you're ready to go.

I love you guys! Stay safe, and thanks for the fortune cookies. Our hail beats out your hail (2-inch to softball-sized). Haven't had any tornado warnings or large storms here for a while.

Elder Rice