Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31, 2016: A Little Success

In response to Dad's email:
Let it be known, I thought Captain America was the best from the first movie (exempting the first Avengers, when Hulk was the best).

So we got to finally meet S., the lady who's staying at the R's. She's way cool and super prepared! She's even read through the Book of Mormon and says it answers a lot of questions she's had. She seemed tentative at first about it, but she's said that she'd have no problem with meeting with us now!

Our prayer for L. to be able to find a buyer for his house was answered and we're lucky enough to have him for about one more month to teach. He wants to be baptized in Blackfoot in his friend's ward. He's stopped reading anti and he's said that he wants the Book of Mormon to be true just from all the goodness he sees that comes out of it.

We're going to be giving a brief little "training" in elders quorum this next Sunday on how to turn home teaching into a rewarding missionary effort (as requested by the quorum president). Pray that we'll be able to help them find inspiration in carrying that out. Also, pray that transfers goes smoothly.

Thanks for the thoughts on Memorial Day, Dad. Love you!

Elder Rice

Email for Mom:
Sorry I didn't email earlier! Yesterday the library was closed and today we did service at the HOPE center and had lunch with the ward mission leader, Brother D. Elder A. is being transferred to Norman and I don't know the mailing address for that yet. Transfers is tomorrow and I will be companions with Elder B. (I haven't seen or heard about him yet.) Looking forward to meeting him! I might be senior companion for the first time. I don't think it'll change much of anything except I'll be driving.

Also, Nathan let me know that you're not very happy about the whole missing the fall semester cut off. I've heard that there have been some missionaries that are able to work with the mission president at going home from a week to a transfer early. If that'll relieve any stress I can look into it. I'm all right if that's what works best, but I'd like to go for the full allotted time.

So it seems like life in general back home is becoming crazy for everyone or at least that's what it sounds like from the emails. I guess it's kind of an interesting thing to watch the seasons of trial. This week has been a little crazy here as well (not as hard as it seems you guys have it), but I remember what Brother T. said. He had been going through a personal season of trial, which included a broken $400 heating unit (I think that's what it was). His first feeling was definitely frustration, but then he thought about how the Lord had blessed him and that not so many months before they would've just gone without a heater. But God provided him the means to pay $400 without debt. I'm grateful for the fact that all of you also are blessed with the means—physical and spiritual—to get through this, if not now, then later.

Thanks for the poem, Mom! I don't really see how they could've interpreted the poem that way if they went back and looked at the second and third stanzas, but maybe they wanted to put a certain spin on it. I liked the poem, though I thought it was a little depressing. I hope that's not the pattern that we (PaNaJoJa) follow too closely. [Note: PaNaJoJa is a family portmanteau of all four boys' names.]

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice