Monday, May 23, 2016

May 23, 2016: Fortune Cookies

Email to Mom:
Elder A. is pretty cool. He'd said he was going to send you guys an email or something awhile back. I thought it had already got to you. And no, no one got bit by a snake. We did see a tiny snake though, which leads into the fortune cookie thing.

Well, we dropped off all the cookies and came by some of the streets the next day. TONS of people actually answered their doors (unusual occurrence out here) and we got a few return appointments. The only guy who mentioned the fortune cookie, though, was a little sketched out. Elder M. and I (we were on exchanges) spotted this little snake off to the side of the door in a pile of leaves and we used a stick to kind of move the leaves around to find it. The guy came out (he was about 25) and said he was NOT OKAY with what we were doing, whatever it was. He explained that he was on edge that day because he opened a fortune cookie that said, "We will be coming to your house. Open up." I know what the order said, but he seemed a tiny bit paranoid, so we decided not to mention the whole fortune cookie thing. He's still willing to meet with us, though!

Congrats on the poems! Maybe you should make a poetry book! She might have been the only one to say it, but other's might be thinking it.

I'm already paranoid about getting a cavity, so I'm doing pretty well on keeping my teeth in good shape. No need to worry there.

Love you, Mom!
Elder Rice

Email to Dad:
It sounds to me like you didn't like the hike.

Well, we tried the fortune cookie thing. It seemed to work pretty well, though I can't prove that it caused the success we saw.

Elder M. shared some really cool insight that he had on 1 Nephi. Nephi attempted to get the plates from Laban three different times. The first plan was to just ask him for it. The second was to trade all their precious things for it. We know how those plans turned out. The third plan was to just go and do as the Spirit directs. When we plan as missionaries, we plan something and a backup to that something. Sometimes those plans start to not mean anything because we plan without any real hope of the appointment turning out. But Nephi did everything in his power to make his plan A and his plan B work. Only AFTER putting in that effort did the Lord provide the way. We are expected to put in all our effort, and if our strength fails or our minds can’t seem to manage grabbing the answer, then he comes in and shows the best way.

The members here are awesome! The Bartletts were moving out and let us raid their pantry for supplies as they were planning on leaving a lot of it. Then a new member in the ward provided dinner for us and surprised us in giving us a huge load of groceries! She says she usually does that for missionaries because she hopes that someone will treat her grandchildren the same on their missions.

Love you guys! Remember to send Elder A. something back! (He thinks you guys are way cool.)

Elder Rice