Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 4, 2016: Fractured

From Parker at 11:38 AM

So this week was pretty awesome! We set a baptismal date with a brand new investigator, K. She's Catholic, but knows a lot of Mormons and has a lot of close friends that are [Mormons]. Also, we had a lesson with M., who has been coming to church for forever even though he's Catholic and is reading the Book of Mormon through for his ninth time. He believes it’s all true, but believes that the Catholic's priesthood was simply dormant during the dark ages. I don't know exactly how to help with that. He might just be worried because he takes up housing with the Catholic priests. Funny, though, he shares the Book of Mormon with everyone. One of the past elders told us about how he stood up on the bus and declared that the Book of Mormon was not a testament of Brigham Young or Joseph Smith, but of Jesus Christ, and is entirely true. He handed out some seven copies. We're working with him to convince him to be baptized. Also, the guy in the Lotus must've either been high or just didn't remember us, because he drove past us again and was totally friendly this time.

Conference was awesome! I loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk in priesthood and Elder Holland's address. Charity is the root of righteousness; pride is the root of wickedness.

Strangest meal I've had: Got a meal from a member of some sort of chili. After we ate it they told us it was year old dear meat. They FOUND the deer dead on their property and stuck it in their freezer.

Strangest conversation: We were out tracting and met a man who told us that he helped the Holy Ghost fight his neighbors to protect one of the blue angels that had fallen from off her star. Blue and red angels sit on top of stars and you can see them at night shooting golden arrows of the word of God to fight devils. Joseph Smith is a prophet alongside Gandhi. He definitely believed every word he said.

Elder Rice

P.S. I twisted my leg and fractured my fibula wall running last p-day after emails.

From Jason at 12:03 PM

Mom just called me. She read your email and wanted to know if you are kidding about breaking your fibula or if it is a late April Fools joke. She is fairly alarmed that if it is true she should have received some notice about it from someone. She wants me to call the mission office to verify. So if you get this, know that I am going to call. If it is a joke, you had better let me know right away.


From Parker at 12:05 PM

Not a joke. I should be better in a little over a week, though. The work hasn't slowed, but it was kind of dumb on my part.

I'm not sure why you weren't contacted, though. Everything's good, though. The fracture was extremely small and there's hardly any pain. We actually had one of our best weeks in Edmond despite everything.

From Jason at 12:12 PM

How did you do it?

From Parker at 12:15 PM

Horizontal wall run on a mat in the church gym. I had done something like 20, but I twisted my leg pretty good on the mat on the last one.