Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016: Heheheh

Y’all freaked out when I said [my leg] was fractured! Well, it's pretty much done. I got my brace off because the orthopedic [doctor] said it was overkill for the break I had. Based on what the MRI says about the ligament down there, I might be able to walk on it soon.

Awesome news! Our new investigator K. is a quarter through the Book of Mormon! She's a self-labeled "cradle Catholic" and has a lot of friends in her neighborhood that are LDS. Pray for her to recognize her answer!

M. bore his testimony again in church. He's finished with his ninth time reading the Book of Mormon and says he absolutely believes we are doing the Lord's will, especially in exercising the power to bind on earth and in heaven (in reference to the temple). Right now, we're just trying to help him feel more a part of this ward. M. loves people, so he's probably pretty attached to his Catholic congregation. He's pretty dug in, but it seems that the priests are going to try and give him an ultimatum soon, because he preaches out of the Book of Mormon on occasion and that doesn't go well. He believes Joseph Smith is a prophet, but he won't believe the "one true church" idea quite yet. He's stubborn, though, and won't deny anything else the church teaches.

Seems like Mom fits right in with all the top tier poets from that picture. Weird. You're like Studio C, sort-of-almost-famous! You'll have to send me the poem if it's not too apostate.

I knew T. from both Hannah Holbrook and Centennial. That's really unfortunate. We'll pray for his family. [School custodian who recently died in a motorcycle accident.]

Happy birthday, Inigo! (and Nathan :p)

I don't have any photos because I've been out of batteries and haven't gotten any. I'll get some today (batteries and photos).

Elder Rice