Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016: (No Subject)

Thanks for the Easter package! I offered a few times, but no one seemed to want any candy. (They're all trying to go on a diet.) But I've been doing really well about portioning sugar and making things last so I won't eat it all in three days. Speaking of which, I'm glad to hear your diet is working, Mom! It always seemed like you guys didn't get the results that you wanted out of it so that's great to hear. I've been sketching in that book you sent, so I'll actually have something to send back to you guys.

So, working with the ward auxiliaries has really helped a lot. We had quite a few less actives come to church last Sunday (though it was Easter), and we've picked up a lot of new potentials and new investigators. Things are still a little slow, but its definitely picking up! Also, we're not really tracting the same street twice. We're just dropping a few fortune cookies at some houses on the way to an appointment, so it shouldn't cut too much time.

On the way to do a little finding, some guy in a really nice Lotus drove up to us and at first I thought he was a member or just a nice preacher stopping to say hi or something. Nope. We got raked over the coals on some long rant. We weren't too bothered by it, especially considering immediately after there was a youth of a less active in our ward that we had met with who biked up to us and told us about how he decided to drop atheism and Buddhism and become Christian! He met with his grandpa who spent some time discussing with him about it. His mom also said that some of his best memories are with the missionaries, so we'll have to look into it.

After that, we tracted in a trailer park and as it turns out, we tracted past the house where the guy with the Lotus lived. He and his friend came out and anti-ed us again. He actually kept us just long enough to run into a mother and daughter that were just getting home. They're our newest investigators now. Funny that something bad was immediately followed by something awesome both times.

As for finding through members, we've been meeting with a less active, Brother C., who does this thing called Dagorhir, which is like medieval fighting turned into a sport almost (super nerdy, but cool at the same time). We actually ran into him and a bunch of other people at practice and we talked with some of the people sitting and watching. One lady's mother was a Mormon and had missionaries come visit her quite a bit. She said she'd be willing to listen to the lessons if we came back next week.

No need to get me an absentee ballot. I'd only know a few people to not vote for.

Happy Easter! Love you guys!
Elder Rice