Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016: Rices

So all that tracting and street contacting didn't avail much except for a bunch of referrals for the other Edmond missionaries. That's okay though, because we found someone really awesome AND in our area at our apartment's Easter egg hunt (our apartment actually isn't in our area). We also colored an Easter egg picture to look like a Book of Mormon for their drawing contest. Didn't actually stay for the hunt though. Just got some potentials and left.

So to fix the whole tracting problem, we decided that we needed to work more with the ward. We set up an appointment with the bishop and he gave us a great list of less actives, part member [families], and few member families to focus on. We're going to be doing a lot of work with auxiliaries as well. Also, why don't home teachers take up the offer to have missionaries help with home teaching? I'd actually like to know.

So we had dinner yesterday with a Sister R. When she saw my tag and heard I was from Kaysville, she knew right away that we were related. She's the niece of Grandpa Rice and actually came to the funeral. She really liked how all the sons got up to talk and loved the BYU fight song being sung at the end. She's way nice and we talked about family history for a while and about Grandpa's family. I think she sent something to Mom through Facebook. She's also a beast at running and biking, and showed us only two handfuls of the medals she's won in those (she's really competitive). She also had an awesome referral. She says that she's already said at times, “There's nothing really keeping me from joining your church.”

So we had a great idea for tracting. The past week I bought a box of fortune cookies and have been opening them up a day at a time. Elder A. opened up a cookie that said something like, “A great opportunity will knock at your door. Open it.” We were thinking that it would be awesome if we could drop a bunch of those in mailboxes the day before we came and tracted into them! We just don't know where to get personalized cookies.

I didn't even think about the camera date! Now it looks like I'm some apostate scrub! Oh well, I'll fix it later.

Love you guys! Remember God lives and loves you, and watch the new Easter video the church put out! #Hallelujah

Elder Rice

P.S. Always pray before you eat your fortune cookie. It doesn't work if you don't.

Sister R.'s family tree made by Annie Rice. She's Margaret Rice's daughter.