Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016: Deja Vu

Coming into Edmond is a lot like when I came into Shawnee. The work was at a slow point. But it’s actually not too bad! I actually know what to do and Elder A. and I have been seeing a lot of miracles! We got the first investigator in about a month on the first day out, and even though we can’t seem to meet any less actives, all the people we meet along the way are really prepared and we’ve gotten a lot of really good potentials from street contacting! Elder A. and I are getting along pretty well. I didn't think it would be a problem anyway.

We met a really awesome potential from Nepal, in an apartment complex, played a game of jackpot with some of the neighbor kids outside, and met an old potential after weeks of being unable to contact them, all within 20 yards. I'm really surprised how much kids like the pass along cards!

I hope Inigo still likes those pigs [toys] when I get back! That sounds like a ton of fun!

I don't know what else, to say about it. I haven't been here even a week, so maybe I'll have something new next time.

I just realized Elder A. used my camera cord for the photo printer back at the apartment and I forgot to grab it. I've got photos though, so next time there'll be some.

Elder Rice