Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016: A Good Week

I’ve got less time this week than normal because we have to leave early for zone p-day and the STM (sister training meeting). I try to take time to think out what I type and I think I spend a little too much time doing that, so I don’t get to email everyone. Sorry if it seems like I send a bunch of random information in this week’s email to you guys.

We just got two more baptismal dates this week. One is with an investigator who has been struggling with finding faith in God (probably connected with his struggle with homosexuality). We found him on accident when we were trying to find an inactive member. He was really polite and was open minded enough to consider what we taught (even with the church’s stance on gays). He’s agreed to prepare himself for the 27th of February. We’re going to need prayers for help on that one. The other is with a guy we met while street contacting. He was just tossing around a football to himself and we took some time to throw the ball around and share a message. He’s hit some really hard financial times and is trying to stay on the right side of the law (he had some wild experiences in his younger years). He said as we talked with him that he felt in his heart that our message was true. He’s also set for the 27th.

Nothing really crazy happened this week but there are all sorts of quirks to our place in Shawnee that make it great. Like our stovetop smoking and setting off the fire alarm whenever we cook. Generally we keep the doors and windows open, even if it’s cold, for that reason. It’s actually made for some of the nicest days out here.

Our new struggle out here is anti-bashing. Everyone we’ve talked to in the past couple of weeks has a concept that all Christianity is true. This is a little conflicting considering their different opinions of how exactly we’re “saved.” It’s actually a little harder to help them because even when they feel the Spirit and we testify of the truth, they agree that it’s correct and that so is everyone else. We’ve found that explaining the last line of the introduction to the Book of Mormon helps, and follow up with the commitment to read and pray to know if it’s true.

I’ve got pictures this week!

Service at the thrift shop
Our apartment complex
Found an emu out biking
Accidentally ordered seven McChickens