Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016: Drywall

This week was sort of weird. We ended up doing a lot of service and had transfers Wednesday. I got to use some of my drywall experience a few times. A nonmember relative of a member in the Seminole branch had a leak in their roof that destroyed their living room ceiling. They said they’d listen to our message if we repaired it. It’s all finished now.

Sister F. and Sister S. are awesome. They’re picking up the work in Shawnee South [area] really quickly. K. was definitely excited [she has been praying for sisters to come to Shawnee for two years]. When we gave them the news over the phone, we heard her scream in the background. Sister F. has been out six months, is from Syracuse, and is pretty outgoing. Sister S. came out the same time I did, comes from Clearfield, and is fairly soft spoken. They’re able to talk to some of the less actives and investigators that the elders had a hard time contacting, so we’re glad to have them.

Satan is definitely trying to get to Sister T., but she’s not having any of it. She and her husband were debating over the meaning of a scripture and decided to Google it. A whole stream of “anti” sites lined up. They just thought it was dumb that people would try to pick at nits and devote so much time to try to stop the Church. She has a pretty good intellectual understanding of the Church and a good testimony, so none of it fazed her. She’s still on track for baptism, but we’re much more alert to things that would stop her.

J. M.'s sister called us out of the blue and told us that her mission president is allowing her to Skype in on J.'s lessons to help if we’d like. We're going to try that out. I have high hopes for this next lesson.

I'm not feeling so much like a brand new missionary. I’m still new going by mission standards, but I know pretty much how to do the work. I’m trying to read Jesus the Christ in my spare time, but most of my studies are Preach My Gospel and Book of Mormon.

I’m glad to hear everyone is doing so well in school. You’ll all be a lot happier if you keep that up.

Joshua’s picture is very obviously of Yoda, not Nathan. Sorry Joshua.

By the way, sorry to Nathan, Joshua, and Jacob. I thought I missed emailing someone last week.

Remembered my camera cord, left my camera.

Elder Rice