Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015: Post-Christmas

Christmas is over and New Year’s doesn’t really mean much to a missionary besides people postponing a return appointment, so things are a little frozen right now (har har har). Freezing rain came through just this morning and the other elders left it up to me to drive, which is funny considering the one other experience they had with me driving. I’m not going to talk on that.

It was awesome to see you guys again! I just want to clarify on something that I think I may have misrepresented. Teaching on a mission is awesome, and definitely a necessary thing. I just wanted to convey that there is a ton that goes on that we don’t get the chance to do. I love being out here anyway.

Well, we started teaching one of our neighbors the discussions. He’s a retired preacher and a Vietnam veteran and we helped him move in last week. He’s really spiritual and already believes a lot of the things we do, like the Apostasy and learning through prayer. He’s told us he has a lot of free time so he’ll definitely be reading the Book of Mormon and he’ll sincerely pray about it, and we can come by anytime.

So, I have had the experience with people confessing to us, but that really hasn’t been a hindrance. People out here just like to talk. A lot. Honestly that’s fine by me because then we get to know them really well and I’m still not the biggest talker, but we have a little difficulty keeping the lessons on track and getting out on schedule.

We gave talks in church on Sunday and it went pretty well. We didn’t have a ton of people there because of the weather, but everyone who was there got excited about doing mission work, or I at least I think they were.

I can’t believe Kent is reporting [in October]. He hasn’t been out that long has he? And Daniel, too! What am I doing four months out already? Hope this doesn’t pass me by too quickly.

Still enjoying it out here. When we have more work it’s more fun. Love you guys and Happy New Year!

This is from this morning. Thanks for the camera!