Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015: All right, all right

First Email

Okay, I realize looking over my emails that I haven’t really answered any questions. I thought I was, but guess not. So I’ll get a few out of the way quick:

1. My camera doesn’t connect, but the other elders let me put my SD card in theirs, so that works. Sorry about not sending more photos. My camera just always skips my mind.

2. In the way of warm clothes, I just need thermals and a coat I can do service in.

The weather out here is fantastic. We biked in the rain at 32 degrees with tons of wind. And everyone is saying that it’s not even close to being done. It’s all good, though. We're still having a lot of fun besides the weather and when we’re soaked through, people like to invite us in. ...

Our Thanksgiving was awesome. We helped one of the south elder's investigators (CJ) cook Thanksgiving dinner at the church. We went to the M.’s for lunch and the L.’s for dinner, and both meals were amazing. Lots of turkey, stuffing, and potatoes. We played this hilarious game called “Things” after dinner. Someone draws a card with a topic on it like “what you do to get rid of unwanted guests” and everyone writes down a response and passes it in. The card reader reads the responses and everyone tries to guess who said what. If you’re guessed, you’re out for that round.

I’m still getting hungry looking at what you ate. I’ll have to see if they have cottage bacon out here.

You’re going to need a ton of those hurl tags. [This is in response to a picture of Joshua's hurl award from Scouts.]

I miss being out at those parties, but only a little. I’m loving the work out here and I’ve still got growing to do. I can’t think of anything super interesting that happened this week. We met a lot with less-actives and they were all super appreciative that we came to visit with them.

I don’t know if you’ve checked it out yet, but there’s a new Christmas video on We’ve been given some cards to hand out to people and our Christmas initiative is to spread the gospel by focusing on explaining why it was so important the Savior was born. So far, it’s been pretty successful. Elder S. and I had our neighbor download the video onto his flash drive and as a result, she spent a good amount of time on the site. She really liked the video and might be more interested in hearing more about us. We also handed out cards in a traffic jam last night. People were a lot more appreciative than I thought they would be.

Maybe I’ll do what Elder K. does and send a photo of some of my journal entries. You probable wouldn’t be able to read my handwriting though.

Let me know how I can write better letters. Love you guys and may God be with you.

Elder Rice

Second Email (response to Jason about Christmas gifts)

I bet Nathan would like Star Wars stuff. I don’t know what’s on the market much these days. I’ve heard Battlefront is out. I bet he really wants that.

As for me, I think a bunch of chocolate would be good. Maybe a pomegranate, some nuts, and an orange. Something Star Wars-y would be cool, too.

I'm glad the Charlie Brown movie turned out good. I was a little worried they’d just bank on the name bringing in money.

Oh, and this is just a quick response email. My letter to mom is sort of a letter to everyone. I’m going to try to make better time to write a separate one to each of you.

Elder Rice