Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015: Great Progress

First email
Subject: Re: Letter from Dad Nov 01, 2015

Love you, too, Dad. This is just a quick reply. The only thing at transfers that happened was that Elder M. (Elder K.’s companion) went home after his full two years and the new guy in is Elder H. He’s teaching Elder K. Spanish so he can become a Spanish missionary as well. Also my companion became district leader. He’s not happy about it.

Second email
Subject: Great Progress

I’ve got to be really brief.

So the big shirtless guy I talked about in the first email being out here (K.). He’s reaping the blessings of gospel living. He’s not sick any more. He’s not arguing with his wife anymore. He’s even got two brand new semis for his trucking. He really wants to be able to come to Church and I’m thinking he’ll want to be baptized.

L. has toned his smoking down in two weeks from four packs to a half to one pack a day, and drinks one pot of coffee instead of three to four. He’s seeing great benefit and is excited about all the money he’s saving.

I got to give a priesthood blessing to a lady in the nursing home who was recovering from a leg amputation and I’m not sure what happened in the prayer but she was wiping away tears afterwards and the member we brought said it was impressive. I’m just glad I didn’t mess it up. I know it isn’t really me that should get the credit. The Spirit is a great thing to have and I probably couldn’t do any of this without God’s guidance.

R. and J. got to come to the ward trunk-or-treat and the nonmember wife of one less active that started coming to Church got to be really good friends after going through the scare alley together. The wife of the nonmember then invited R. to come to our Church. I hope that all the members can come to have that kind of mindset, to reach out and make new friends.

Gotta go. I’ll send a better letter next week

Elder Rice