Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015: No Subject

Just had Elder S. cut all our hair. Kind of a mistake.

I’m not sure it looked bad (the others liked it), but it wasn’t professional. Luckily we were able to save it. Elder S. had to save his, too, after Elder K. cut his. It’s all right now. Definitely not trying it again.

Mom’s haircut was pretty good, though. Sister L. showed all of us the picture and everyone agrees. You looked too young to have a missionary out.

I had a cool experience with member visits. We met with the M.s to talk about getting the ward excited for mission work (which has been a struggle), and Sister M. mentioned she had met with the lady I met and gave a blessing to last week. She says that she [the lady] had been doing family history work and she has felt the entire time that her family has been with her. That brought to mind only one thing that I remembered in the blessing that just kept running through my head as I gave it—that as she went through her trials, she would be supported by family and close friends.

So our ward has had a hard time with fellowshipping. I think that most people in the ward know someone should be talking with investigators, but that seems to be the problem. It’s “someone,” instead of taking action. I’m worried about some of our recent converts and investigators. I don’t know what they’ll do once we leave.

We’ve been biking a lot in the rain lately and it’s been getting colder and windier. Please send more long sleeves. Size 15. I couldn’t wear the ones you sent for my birthday.

... I hope this whole thing with the homosexual parents baptism thing gets cleared up. The rule makes sense when you actually think about it. The Church is all about families, and doesn’t want to cause division between parents and children because of the parents choices. And withholding baptism isn’t a punishment. Baptism is a commitment and a promise to God to live his standards, not some magical “AND NOW YOUR SAVED!” thing. But you said it was a small uproar. I hope it stays small.

I already heard from members about the bombings, so I’m not going to go on that tangent. Glad Inigo’s better. Joshua let him mash the keyboard to send me a letter and it sounds like things are all good.

I’m sending Christmas presents home.

Elder Rice