Monday, November 23, 2015

Email to Nathan: Difficult Things

I’m not sure I can write about anything else you asked, so here’s a bunch of difficult things:
  • Biggest one, recognizing my own pride. Everyone in our district has noticed that we’re all a lot more prideful than we thought. It’s caused a few arguments and for me it’s caused a lot of stress and forgetfulness. We’ve been working on it out here in Shawnee north and south areas and the results have been great. It’s like Moroni said, you must clean the inward vessel before the outer vessel. We’ve been able to help the ward much more now that we’re working in unity.
  • Another thing is dropping investigators. On the 20th, Elder S. went on exchanges so I got to be the lead for the day. In the first lesson, I had to drop an investigator who really wanted to join and is way cool, but has been making no effort for months now. I don’t know what happened, but she now has a baptism date for April 9 (way far away). I’m going to have to take the lead on the next lesson with her on Friday (always the exchange day). Considering she still hasn’t kept the commitment to go to church, we’re going to have to let her know we can’t teach her anymore. We’ve already taught her all the lessons multiple times.
  • Getting haircuts from your companions and being heckled about it for weeks, that’s also really hard.
We haven’t had Thanksgiving at this point. We’re probably just going to go to a member’s house. We did have a Thanksgiving party, though. Not as many less actives showed to this as came to the Halloween party, so we didn’t get to make any new friends.

I don’t remember saying anything about sending drawings back, but I guess I’ll do that. Joshua wants me to start writing letters home, so I’ll send it in there.

Love you guys,
Elder Rice