Sunday, November 15, 2015

Email to Joshua

I sent an email to Nathan last week so now it’s your turn. Prepare yourself (draws sword).

Mom says you invited girls over to watch Over the Garden Wall. Well played Joshua, well played. Glad you guys are having a great time at home. I just realized I forgot to send that book to you guys, and with your Lord of the Rings reading, I bet you’d like it.

I just had the prompting to give a little forewarning. Be careful if you’re watching any anime back home. We’ve seen some problems come from it out here of a moral issue. Make sure you run it by Dad or Mom before you watch anything. Also, that kind of gamer/adventurer/sci-fi and fantasy culture may be really fun and interesting, but as with any culture, if you delve in too deep you’re going to find corruption. In country, it’s drugs and lax Sabbath day practices. Same with skaters and boarders. In ours [anime], just about everything is prevalent (drugs, swearing, atheism, pornography). Be careful about the friends you make. I’ve had to drop some in the past because they were more about the culture than just having fun. Enjoy the things you like, but don’t dig yourself into the culture.

Now I’ll stop preaching and just talk a little.

I hope you are making lots of friends, or at least a close group of good friends. I don’t remember what classes you’re taking this year so just tell me a little about what’s going on in school. Get you and your brothers to finally send me some of your drawings please. I liked your drawing of Greg, by the way. It had me whistling the OtGW theme that entire week.

Don’t forget about night games. I doubt Nathan will organize it, just considering how much he played in the past. Those games will keep the youth of the ward close and are just a fun thing to do on the weekends. We have a lot of things to do at our house (I didn’t even realize it until now), so invite people over a bunch. If you find my BANG! cards or my samurai sword cards, you’re welcome to use those whenever. I can’t hold onto everything while I’m gone. Except the One Ring. No touchy my ring.

I can’t believe how awesome light sabers are! I didn’t think much of them before, but the thrift shop lady just gave me one for my service and now I use it for everything. Example: We have an investigator board where we use the Spirit to guide us to who we should visit. I tried that thing Inigo Montoya did with his sword being guided: "Father, plees, guide my sword..." I probably shouldn’t do that, but it was just kind of fun. Elder S. thought it was funny.

Keep an eye out at home. It feels weird not knowing exactly how things are going while I'm gone, so just make sure things are all good. If you have any questions of any kind about anything, email me. I pretty much summed up my week in the group email to Mom and Dad. I didn’t think I would have so much time to write you, so sorry if it was brief.

Keep sending emails. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I really do like to hear from you guys. Take care of yourself. Sorry if this email was weird at all.

Elder Rice