Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015: 19

Wow, I spent all yesterday feeling old and being told I was old, and now all the emails I’m receiving are “Your soooooooo old!” Elder S. has assured me that that doesn’t necessarily mean I'll have to grow up.

Thanks for all the presents and the cake! That had to have been one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had! I’m actually most excited about the pajama pants. I really do wish that I had gotten some pictures from you guys though. Get on your homework for my sake!

We committed yet another investigator to baptism. She’s just been really excited whenever we come over and she loves what she learns at the lessons. Her cousin who’s temporarily staying isn’t so interested, but he’s nice and isn’t against her joining, so it’s all looking good.

Well, we went on exchanges this last week and it was just me and Elder K. in his area. We planned for the day and everything fell through. Funny thing though is how it all still worked out. We prayed as to which potential investigator we would visit. We both chose the street. We figured out that the address given to us didn’t exist and decided to just tract the street. One house had a less active and non-member couple, and the non-member wanted us to come and start the discussions with them. Then someone just walked up to us as we went along and asked us if we could come and share the lessons with him and his wife (he was less active as well and his wife a nonmember). We got four new potentials in 30 minutes.

The next day worked out to be that we couldn’t exchange back, so we tried some other potentials. Same thing happened that happened the day before, except they weren’t couples. This is actually really interesting because Elder K.’s area had been pretty dry on people open to their lessons.

I got to visit the Instant Care [Immediate Care] center for the third time this week. The first was from Elder K.’s diet/workout pill mishap, the second from Elder S. getting a weird rash, and third from Elder S. getting stung by a bee (he’s allergic). He and Elder M. had been cutting some really tall grass down for a member during exchanges and he ran over a beehive with a lawnmower. Bees flew everywhere and crawled all over everyone. The only one to get stung was the allergic guy. As a side note to that, they tried to smoke the bees out by burning some dry weeds in a pot. And that’s how the two most responsible and grown up missionaries started a member’s lawn on fire.

Then I went on exchanges with the zone leaders the very next day.

Thank Inigo for the email. It’s good that you figured out what it was.

I’ll send an email to all my brothers as well (if I don’t run out of time here). I might mark some of them to not be shared online.

That reminds me. What the flip!! I thought you were going to just post a few emails of mine on Facebook every once and a while. Now I’m hearing from Elder K. that I’ve been indirectly writing my own personal blog?! or something?

I’m actually not that upset. It just seemed kind of a surprise. I guess I’m just going to have to mark which emails you can share or not.

Thanks for all the love and advice. May God be with you.

Elder Rice