Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015: Baptism Date

Well, we’ve finally got one. Our investigator T. has agreed to a date to work towards. We never really had a doubt. Every time we met with him, he was really energetic and when we showed him the baptismal font he was talking about it like it was something he was going to do, not just consider. He also has mostly member friends who tell him everything about the church. Really I think they did most of the work, and we just are here to welcome him in.

We met another investigator when we were out street contacting, but I don’t know how this one’s going to turn out. We met J. a while back. He’s an extremely good guy and very zealous, even though he doesn’t belong to any specific denomination. He’s actually come out and said that our church is really the only logically true church. His search was very much like Joseph Smith’s and he had been through tons of trials to get where he is. He likes the LDS church because we live what we preach (something he does himself well) and because he believes that the Lord’s house is a house of order. He cried several times as we shared our message and a couple more in praying to know if it was true.

Our second visit with him didn’t go so well. He’s got depression and is taking some serious medication with it. We had caught him before he had taken it last time, but this time was about 15 minutes after. He seemed in a haze and was not open to the Spirit (or he thought he was). We’ll give it another go, just to make sure it was the medicine and not him that was rejecting our teaching. He’s still open to having us over.

Thanks for all the insight for the other investigators I shared with you guys! I’m going to consider that in planning the lessons.

I didn’t hear anything about the pictures I sent. Did you get them?

I don’t think I’ve ever been this organized in my life. I’ve still got a ways to go and a lot of growing up to do (a lot). I’m working on sharing the gospel at all times and I’m finding there are so many moments that I pass up. Talking to random people is a lot easier now, but I’ve got to start noticing all the opportunities.

I want to say this before I end my email time. I don’t remember much about how our ward worked with missionaries and nonmembers/less actives, but I remember that the youth did really well in fellowshipping. Don’t leave it to the youth. Missionaries go and find, but if those investigators can’t find someone to look to in this new world they’re in, they won’t stay in. Do your best in being real friends to these people. I promise that the Lord will bless you in your efforts.

For my birthday, I don’t want a ton. I need one more long and short sleeve shirt, a pencil sharpener, a bunch of pictures drawn by Nathan, Joshua, and Jacob, and the Dodge City Expansion. (We’re good so long as it’s not interfering with mission work, which it’s not.)

Elder Rice