Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015: New Investigators

It was a pretty good week this week.

We didn’t do any tracting, just street contacting and visiting actives and less actives. We didn’t really get any referrals that worked out, but street contacting on the way did.

Elder Smith and I were out trying to find a street address on the car GPS outside our apartment when a lady just drove her truck up and flagged me over. She said she wanted to explain to her son that Mormons are just like any other people. He had said that we were sketchy hanging around our car with our shirts untucked (because I forgot before I left), rocking out to music (which if he listened closely was actually just MoTab played a little too loudly). I immediately tucked in my shirt and gave a one-minute Restoration lesson. We ran back inside and brought out a Book of Mormon for her and she said she’d be willing to have us back.

We came back for the second lesson and re-taught the restoration. Sister L.’s son, D., explained Boy Scouts and she said she’d consider bringing her son to that. She was pretty open for having her deceased husband be a Baptist minister. We’re excited to share the Plan of Salvation next time because she shared about her concern for where her deceased daughter went.

Well, this computer seems to like to freeze so I’m not going to try to type anymore, but here are some pics.