Monday, September 7, 2015

September 7, 2015: First Email from MTC

Thanks for the tip Dad. I'm actually a little worried considering how easy it's been so far. Something more difficult will probably come up. I thought it might be more difficult to talk to people than it has been so far. My companion is Elder H. Probably the best companion for me to start off with considering we both aren't super talkative, though that's changed slowly.

I'm getting better at discerning the Spirit. We just had fast Sunday and we got to see Elder Bednar's talk on "The Character of Christ." It's totally changed my mindset about this whole thing. I'm just working on learning better how to forget myself and just work and serve others.

I'm waking up every morning fairly easily, so that's good. And I'm not allergic to the Chinese food they've got here. I've been trying to control my eating, and I've done pretty well at not getting a donut and white bread at every meal.

The elders in my branch are Elders W., B., K., S., M., and K. We have no sisters in the branch.

I didn't ever think I'd cry from feeling the Spirit, but this last Sunday changed that with some of the testimonies given. We're learning to love as the Savior did. There are all these truths that I knew as a concept but never really internalized and now I wonder how I could have missed it.

We're a pretty quiet branch sometimes, but we still have a ton of fun. Elder K. and B. rolled an orange down the hallway until it somehow blew up. We all go out for a branch soccer game during gym. Everyone has a unique greeting for me when I enter the room. "ELDER RIIIIIIIIIICE!" They say it just sounds awesome and sometimes they just say it out of nowhere.

I've done a ton of reading. I read through half of the gospels and all of revelations just for fun. It's really weird. I've always liked old books though, and the spiritual aspect improves it so much more.

There's still more to tell, but I don't want to take too much time so I'll just save it until next time.

Love you too,
Elder Rice