Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 22, 2015: Short On Time

I’m sorry I didn’t email yesterday. I forgot which password was the one for my email and I typed the right one wrong. I sat fairly bored in the library for a little over an hour.

Anyway, I can’t respond to all the emails at once, as I only have 10 minutes. Joshua should be getting replies to his emails. Ask him to check. I’ll keep a look out for Mrs. Savage. I miss all of you (but not enough to think about heading back).

So Shawnee is an interesting place. I’ve met with all sorts of people. I’ve figured out what “Okie talking” is. One of the less-active members told us a story about one of his door approaches. At this one house, he had the door slammed in his face four times with the door wobbling open. He thought that it must’ve been God stopping it, and that might be true … if He inspired the cat to try and walk out the door at that time.

Another nice family laid out for us a detailed explanation about how the Muslims descended from the Canaanites and how tinfoil hats are good for something to do with EMPs. They were really kind and gave us dinner.

Those are the only unusual experiences that I can think of right now. I’ll send a better email next p-day. I’ll also have my camera on me.

Elder Rice